• Unfortunately, I hate leaving these kinds of reviews, but I’m another one in a pile. Let me start by saying Media Cloud is such a lifesaver. It works great, the setup wizard helped me understand what’s going on, and it’s relatively user-friendly, giving some details of what does what.

    I encountered a problem with the images not appearing in WordPress, so I did some research. This task took days, and I found little to no solutions on the issue. Any answers I found didn’t work. I got an inkling of an idea that I’d be able to rescue my images from Digital Ocean with the Basic Plan’s import function, so I purchased the basic plan.

    `OD wrote 26 days ago:

    When I first set up Media Cloud, I originally went with DigitalOcean as my cloud storage provider. However, due to some issues (the images uploaded wouldn’t show up in WordPress) and other financial problems, I switched my storage to Amazon S3. It appears I have also set up Imgix as well. Now, the images do not appear in the media gallery as thumbnails, but they don’t appear live on the site either.

    I have signed up for the basic plan to utilize the import from cloud function, as I haven’t been successful in solving this issue. Could I get help with:

    Retrieving the files from DigitalOcean

    Importing the files back into the gallery

    Relocating the images to Amazon S3

    Ensuring the images are adequately served on both the front end and back end?

    Thank you so much!

    I didn’t get a response. About a week later, I figured out the solution by myself.
    On that same day I purchased the basic plan, I noticed I hadn’t gotten the pro activation email. So, I reached out:

    OD wrote 26 days ago:

    Hello, I’ve purchased the premium version of Media Cloud through the Freemius portal and haven’t received a receipt nor a license email to activate the premium version of MC. Could I get help with this issue?

    Still, nothing.

    I reached out to the biller (Freemius) and was told that there was an error on my end blocked the email from coming through. So, I added the domain to my safelist, added the email to my contact list, and tried their solution.


    I reached back out to talk to them and haven’t heard back after two attempts, almost a week apart (of course, I didn’t want to blow up their inbox)—still, nothing.

    This has been the most frustrating experience I’ve had with a plugin so far, especially one that I paid for under the assumption that the solution to my issue was locked behind a paywall.

    Don’t…don’t buy any of the plans. It’s bad enough to get absolutely no communication, but to pull teeth AND pay for a product you don’t get? Dang.

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