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  • I’ve used WP Clone for several years, both at the office and at home. This is an absolutely brilliant product that, depending on the size of your site and other factors, can clone your entire site in just seconds!

    As such, it is a brilliant, wonderful solution if you want to copy your entire site simply and easily with very little effort.

    I’ve been using this product for several years now, including when I worked in an IT setting and handled WordPress-based websites.

    Is this product “perfect”? Well, what product is “perfect”, I wonder? So, the answer is “no”, it’s not absolutely perfect. Now and then, it does not work. This could be due to a variety of factors. However, mostly (I would say 90% of the time), it has worked perfectly for me.

    So, what does one do if WP Clone doesn’t appear to want to work, giving you an error message? First of all, read the official documentation and other comments on the support page. And, let me offer some ideas, here:

    1. I’ve found if you try it once, and get an error message, you should try using it again. I just recently cloned sites from live sites to a localhost installation using XAMPP and in one instance, WP Clone balked and gave me an error message. I simply tried it a second time and this time the backup was restored (i.e., the complete website was cloned to the other location). This worked perfectly!

    2. Going from an offline site (localhost using XAMPP) I also had an issue in one instance. It did not appear to want to work at all. So, I did something I read about here or elsewhere on the Web a few years ago: I took the backup package, the zipped file created by WP Clone, copied it to my desktop and then uploaded it to the correct folder on my live hosting. This is under wordpress > wp-content > uploads > wp-clone.

    Then, I just changed the path for the backup file to match the location on the live server (as opposed to the path generated by the offline, localhost installation). This was made easier for me, because I already had WP Clone installed on the live site and had a previous WP Clone backup there. So, I simply copied the path to the live WP Clone backup that was already there (shown via the WP Clone screen). I copied and pasted that text into a text program, deleted the end of that old file, and then replaced it with the remainder of the name of the new file from WP Clone on my offline, localhost site.

    So, now I had the new WP Clone backup package (the zipped file, taken from my offline site) in the correct folder on my live system. And, I now had the path and file name of the WP Clone backup file ready to go. I simply copied and pasted the location of the file into the restore function of WP Clone, selected the required radio button and check box and clicked on restore. A few moments later, the offline site had been successfully copied to the live server location! Brilliant! Absolutely perfect!

    So, those are my two pieces of advice if you have issues with the WP Clone product. First, simply try to restore it again the “normal” way. Just repeat that process. That may be all you need. Second, if you still have issues, copy the zipped backup file to the new desired location (offline, live or wherever). Put it into the wp-clone folder and then, adjusting the path as needed, restore (clone) your site to its new location in that manner.

    I don’t recall now if it ever did not work after following these work-arounds, although it’s not impossible. I did some manual site cloning years ago (time consuming) and have used another free plugin (also time consuming and more complex), so WP Clone is what I have used, essentially, all of the time for the past several years.

    It works for me, I would say 90% of the time! And that is really amazing. I mean, this is a completely free product that can restore or clone your entire site to a new location in just seconds. So, it’s not absolutely perfect, but it is, in my experience, a really good, even amazingly good, product!

    And, if it does not work right away, the little work-arounds I’ve suggested seem to do the trick and they are easy to do. That’s my experience with WP Clone. I have to give it five stars based on my experiences using it.

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