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  • I love this plugin because it comes with a WooCommerce extension to sell tickets, and there are not many events plugins that integrate with WooCommerce any the many payment gateways that WC offers.

    This plugin does a pretty good job at event management and i like the attendee check in feature, some of the other paid add-ons look good too.

    The downside to The Events Calendar free and Pro is that it doesnt have good support for recurring events, The Events Calendar does do recurring events, but when you integrate The Events Calendar with WooTickets, its pretty useless. I need to sell tickets, to events, and this group of plugins just makes it harder if thats what ur trying to do. for me its easier to just make a woo commerce product and label it with the event name time and date and then list it on a page in sequential order. which basically makes events calendar and wootickets redundent.

    I am going to hold on to my licenses though, if i get the updated version that supports recurring events in woocommerce before my license runs out then i will probably renew my license next year and stick with these guys otherwise im gonna have to look for a new solution soon. Plus i just like the Tribe guys, they have a nice style, and their support is consistent which is good.

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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey Julian! Rob from Modern Tribe here – I was going through all the recent reviews here at and naturally, since I hadn’t replied to this one yet, wanted to follow-up to thank you for the feedback. We always appreciate when folks give us a review here (regardless of whether it’s 1-star, 5-stars or somewhere in between) and it’s even more appreciated when they take the time – like you have – to explain their reasoning. Thank you on all fronts here….you raise some great points.

    While it’s technically related to another plugin (how WooCommerce Tickets handles recurrence isn’t really a byproduct of our free The Events Calendar itself), you are spot-on regarding the lack of recurrence support throughout the ticketing framework…and I can totally understand how that feels like a shortcoming. (It is one.) Though we try to be clear in setting user expectations on this from the offset – which is why we have a blurb on the product page that states recurrence isn’t yet supported – I think based on your comments here that we need to do a better job of making that prominent/clear. (Now is a good opportunity since we’re rebuilding the website from scratch over the next month or two and can factor in this type of feedback). More importantly, I’m hoping this will be a moot point over the next few months: getting the recurrence portion of our roadmap squared away is really the next phase for the ticketing framework and we’ve already got the ball rolling on that. So know relief is coming in the very near future.

    We’re stoked to hear that in spite of these shortcomings, you’re still planning on holding onto your licenses for the time being – even moreso that you like the Tribe team and how we provide support. This type of feedback is incredibly valuable for me as a manager and helps validate the work our support team is doing from day to day. Thank you on all fronts. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly – rob (@) – if you have other feedback, ideas or frustrations related to the plugin. I want to make sure that it’s continued evolution matches your needs…so if there’s anything else like the recurrence support that you feel strongly about, I welcome it.

    Thanks again for taking the time to put this together, and for using The Events Calendar!

    Thanks heaps for your response Rob,

    That is good to hear about Tribe and the progress with ticketing framework.

    I appreciate the hard work you guys are doing, it really helps to hear about it too 🙂

    We are enthusiastic about the Tribe Pro plugins we have purchased Events Calendar and WooTickets, and have just decided to commit to them and create some work place procedures for creating the events we need every day until some extra tools specifically for recurring events are implemented into WooTickets and Events Calendar pro, so it is good to hear that you are indeed working on those areas 🙂

    Thanks again for the response Rob, and look forward to seeing you around the Tribe support forums 🙂

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