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    The text/content placed in the popup window does not preserve text attributes such as: the “li” or “ol” and includes the “<p>” or “<DIV>” tags. As a result, you would have go into the textarea and make some tedious reformatting to keep the content intact. Using bullets, list or just separating a paragraph with a space, you will have to go in and manually add extra spaces. the “List” and “ol” tags breaks. This is quite unfortunate when you consider Popup Maker has a great foundation and user interface.

    I would like to also add, the X symbol to close the popup is no longer where specified within the settings (upper right), it is at the bottom of all the popups no matter how you may change the settings. De-activating plugins – which may interfere, has no affect. The close popup would be of benefit if it were displayed at both top and bottom of the popup.

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    @wireb – Sorry to hear you are having issues, but from the description you are suffering from a few common issues, often caused by the way a very small % of themes are built (one might argue the wrong way) as well as issues with malformed content html breaking the close button outside of its container:

    Issue #1. Your theme is only styling elements inside its own containers, we wrote our plugin to work with as many themes as possible, but it also takes on the styles of those themes. Unfortunately when a theme leaves out base styles for all root elements, like yours obviously is, then they won’t be applied to content outside their own “content area”.

    For example instead of

    p { margin-bottom: 10px; }

    They write

    .main-content p { margin-bottom: 10px; }

    Now the good news, if you can find that .main-content class they require, you can add it to our popup containers to basically apply those styles automatically.

    Issue #2.

    This is generally caused by your popup’s content (not the popup itself) having either too few or too many </div> tags. Usually too many causing the close button to be rendered outside the popup entirely. So i’d check if that issue applies to a new popup with no content inside it. If not you just verified the content is where you need to look.

    Issue #3. Close button in 2 places, just so happens you can use the [popup_close] shortcode anywhere inside your popup to make a second one, can even style it to be positioned outside the container if you were able to do some basic css.

    Lastly if you have a malformed popup because of the content, it could cause all further popups loaded on the page to become corrupted as well unfortunately. Try marking all popups as draft and publishing each one by one, then retesting until it breaks in this case it will help you track down which to look inside.

    I hope you get the issues resolved, but I also hope you see that based on the sound of it none of these are related to our plugin itself, and as such we would ask that once you confirm this you let us know and update the rating & review accordingly.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thank you for your detailed explanation. Our group who utilizes the Padma theme (, all have the same issues, including having to double space manually each paragraph in order for the paragraph to have one line space. Otherwise, the paragraphs have no line space. And secondly, we are using SiteOrigin’s PageBuilder.

    Kind regards,

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