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  • This is exactly what I was looking for to display sponsors for nonprofit! Thank you.

    I did run into two issues.
    1. lightbox gallery. While I completely understand that you only get 1 design choice since it’s free plugin, there should be option to turn OFF the lightbox gallery.

    Because I’m using a theme that has built-in lightbox, whenever I click on the logo/image, it opens two lightbox images, one from this plugin & one from the theme built-in one.

    2. Whenever I add new image into existing portfolio, checkbox for ‘open in new window’ gets resetted… so each time I add something, I have to re-click open in new window check box for all of them… 🙁

    Great plugin otherwise though, thank you!

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  • Dear bulewold,

    Thanks for your review and positive word of support.
    We are still willing to help you.

    1. regarding the issue with the second lightbox. Give a try and go through the options of your theme , please and see if there is an actual option to hide the lightbox in the theme. Most of Pro themes do include such theme. If not, we may recommend you to contact us via email and we may have a look how to take of the line from the theme and test the plugin with the theme, so that you could have one theme only. Alternative will be to contact theme developers as well, if you need, for example, some info , how your theme will behave after the updates and so on.

    2. Sounds like a conflict. We may recommend you to switch the theme to a standard WP theme and give another try with the checkbox. If the issue persists, try to deactivate plugins and then repeat to test the option when activating the plugins one by one. If this still does not help, you may contact us via email for further help with the mentioned issue.

    Let us know how things progress.

    Sure thing! I hope you didnt mind me adding few comments on review, I did meant it as positive criticism? 🙂 I compared this plugin with 3 other and this one was best!

    Anyway I use enfold theme and yes they have way to disable lightbox but I cannot do that since I do use that feature on other pages. They do not offer way to turn that off on one page only, I wish they did.

    To be honest, link window it’s not a feature I plan to use at this point since I would like to be able to change text on the button if I do which I do not believe I’m able to do one free version. But definitely noted that this is a plug-in conflict

    Huge-IT Support


    Dear bulewold,

    We are more than happy to receive constructive criticism. So thank you again for that. Regarding the “enfold theme” options for one page, we think it is better to contact them in this case and check whether they can offer some way of customizing the lightbox for certain pages. We, of course, will be glad to cooperate with them if they need a help. As for the link window, that appears to be a conflict: we have prepared a major update for Portfolio plugin, that is going to be launched in the repository during the next 12 hours. Please, update the plugin when the new version is available and let us know if something else goes wrong or another conflict appears to come on the way with enfold theme. Thanks again and have a great day!

    Will do & I’ll update on what enfold says.

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