• I was looking everywhere this plugin / functionality to combine with H5P content. Thank you to develop this wonderful tool and please tell me that you’ll not discontinue its development.

    I would like to provide my users the possibility to interact with several H5P content, but I don’t know yet if your plugin could separate in some way each H5P content in different blocks or visualizations in order to differenciate them and users from each H5P content.

    It would be great if the results obtained could become more visual when used interactively by several users and several H5P content at the same time.

    As I’m planning to seriously use your plugin, If you provide me an email I could send you some ideas during use to improve it !

    Thank you for your time!

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  • Plugin Author otacke


    Hi @romonoutic!

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I won’t stop developing the plugin, but I will not try to turn it into a learning record store, cmp. https://www.olivertacke.de/labs/2017/12/27/gotta-catch-em-all/

    If you need more sophisticated features for reporting/analysis, you should have a look at Learning Locker, Grassblade, etc. and send your data there.

    There’s also a corner reporting module for H5P that can display the results as a report (https://github.com/h5p/h5p-php-report), but so far it is only used by the H5P plugin for moodle. You could e. g. try to crowd-fund money for paying someone to add it to the H5P plugin for WordPress.


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