• MWoo78230


    I’ve been using WordFence for several years now. I have 2 websites, and have it installed on both. It has totally stopped all the hacking attempts that I was dealing with that was coming from other countries. The ability to control which countries, and even the ability to block certain IPs, has helped me in my business tremendously.

    Recently, I had some issues getting into my sites. My hosting company blamed Wordfence; saying it had something to do with them and that they had changed “something” that had blocked me as the admin. I reached out to WordFence. Not only did I hear back from them within just an hour or two, but the rep continued to help me over several hours. She worked with me to troubleshoot a variety of issues and in the end, it was determined that in fact, it was the hosting company that was at fault and NOT WordFence. She was super professional, VERY helpful and didn’t do the blame game which is so common in the tech world. She helped me a lot and I’m so grateful to her for the excellent level of support. Yes, I am a Premium member, but that nominal cost that I pay is so worthwhile for me to have peace of mind against the hackers of the world, but their level of support just makes it all the better. Definitely recommend Wordfence.

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