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  • Hi Maeve,

    Great plugin you wrote, but IMHO not yet excellent ;). I encountered several issues that could use some improvement:

    • – the header/footer fix for the margins of the product detail pages works, but I think it’s not the most obvious solution
    • – With current layout the page is being filled with the images first, you have to scroll down to see the product details. I would like to have some more layout options for the product detail page: thumbs placed horizontally under the large image and product details ‘float right’ next to the large image.
    • – can the large image in product detail be linked to the original image (e.g. 1024px)? This way it can be viewed in higher resolution, also in a lightbox (with a plugin installed).
    • – Can the fixed title ‘Product Details’ be replaced by a title field, so it will display the product title? Actually this is about two points: missing the option to display the product title and wanting to adjust the fixed title (e.g. into Dutch)
    • – On the product page it would be nice to have some extra fields for each product, to display some product features next to / under the gallery image, e.g. the dimensions of the product
    • – On the product page I currently miss the option to make the selected number of products at a row fill the content wrapper entirely; in fact, it does so, but with a different right-margin at the page, because of the set right margin to the product. CSS won’t help much, in this case there’s no “first” or “last” to set a different margin for…

    • – Maybey the plugin ‘Inventory Manager‘ has some usefull options you can integrate…
    • – last but not least: the gallery is not yet responsive! It would be great if the whole plugin could be based on a 12-column fluid grid like in the theme ‘Responsive’. That would save everybody a lot of time making these css adaptations on your own.

    For the second point in the above list I modified the ‘single-wcpproduct.php’ slightly to make it fit for a website I’m currently building, so just let me know if you’re interested ;).

    With these points improved I’ll definitely give a 5-star rating!

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

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  • Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Thanks for a really useful review. I will definitely take a closer look at these points for improving the plugin.


    Thread Starter prodefu


    You’re welcome ;).

    I have a screenshot for you to illustrate the second point.

    In addition to my review at this point: it would be nice if the border of the thumb image which is being shown in the large box would have the same color; this way the thumbs will behave like a small menu. Adding a link property to the thumbs might be helpfull, since you then can define the border color of ‘a:active’ in CSS, but I don’t know enough PHP yet to make this work. Untill six weeks ago I even knew nothing at all about WordPress, PHP and CSS… ;). So I’m still learning.

    Good luck with the improvement of the plugin! Hope to hear from you again if you have something new.


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