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  • Great plugin! Absolutely brilliant for displaying data in an attractive, user focused way.

    In my view, there is a little room for improvement though (but this is in no way a complaint!). Almost all visualised data that I can think of needs to be properly sourced, ideally with a link. However, there doesn’t seem to be an easy method of doing that with this plugin.

    Just to reiterate though, it’s a great plugin that’s clearly been well thought out and implemented. Nice work, and thanks!

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  • Thanks mate!

    Do you mean to make charts working like attachments?

    Hi mate, no worries – fully appreciate you taking the time to develop a plugin like this, keep it updated, and give it out for free. When money is a bit more fluid, I fully intend on donating something.

    Regarding the sources, not quite – I mean source in the sense of a journalist’s source, or an attribution (E.g. A hyperlink to where the data displayed through the plugin came from, and a very short explanation). For example, I’d like to use your plugin to display the data offered by Statcounter here: . To do so, I’d need to provide the source/attribution to both credit Statcounter, and to give the reader some background on where the data came from.



    You can do it by uploading remote CSV file. To do it, you need to copy data source link which is in the center block below the chart. See screenshot.

    Use this link to enter in prompt window after clicking on “From Web” button during data entering step.

    The plugin has to recognize the source and display updated chart.

    Let me know if it helps.

    Thanks, but I couldn’t get it to work (probably as a result of my lacking in technical ability rather than your plugin or instructions though).

    I actually came up with a solution though – I wasn’t using the axis labels, so instead have used the x-axis label as a source (e.g. ).

    Thanks for your help – it’s appreciated!


    So it works for you, correct? 🙂

    Sure, it works 🙂

    great! let me know if something doesn’t 😉

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