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  • Great plugin. Works like a charm but 3 stars for making me sick of the configure message. I have configured it but It keeps telling me to configure it again and again and it drives me crazy.

    Dev please get rid of the message. It’s very very annoying.

    Thank you.

    Message below:

    Please configure Instagram Widget

    If you have just installed or updated this plugin, please go to the Settings page and connect it with your Instagram account.
    You can ignore this message if you have already configured it.

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  • Plugin Contributor Pavel Ciorici


    Hello @maninvatsa,

    I’m sorry to hear that this message caused you such a big sickness, that you decided to ruin the rating of our plugin, which we’ve created for free for the community.

    Actually, that message has a X button in the top-right corner, and once clicked, the message won’t appear back anymore. Unless, there is an outdated plugin installed on your website that affects such messages to not be dismissed.


    Or you can try to go to Settings > Instagram Widget page and click once on the Save Changes button.

    If that also doesn’t work, I recommend you to install this plugin, and it will help you hide the message completely:

    Hi Pavel.

    Thank you for replying. Do you really think I didn’t notice the red X button? I clicked it many time and It still appears for every other user.Every user has to click the red button and It appears again and again. I value people’s opinion and You calming I ruined the rating of the plugin is very unfair.

    You totally ignored the Great plugin comment and stuck with the negative which as user I have the right to do so. Again, the plugin is free which is great for the community but You can’t make the user’s opinion as ruining the rating.

    There are barely six plugins on the site and All of them are high quality premium plugins except yours. I verified it on the site and there are no outdated plugin and there seems to be no conflict as your plugin still gives me the same message. My theme totally supports the Instagram widget but recently Instagram changed some policies and I ended up using yours. I am waiting for the theme developer to release the update after which I will remove your plugin.

    Fixing a problem with another is never a solution and I would not like to disable admin notices as I consider them important.

    Thank you for contributing to the community But you must learn to accept people views and stop ranting about ruining ratings. If you wanted me to review my rating, There was a better way to do so.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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