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  • royalmicer


    Been using this plugin for many months now and i have the pro version.

    If it was not for the Google posting capability then i probably wont be using the plugin as the support is very bad. Tickets remain unanswered after week and even email follow up and request do not get handled.

    If the support was more pro active i will give this a full 5 star but after being let down many time I lost faith in this developer

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  • Plugin Author NextScripts


    Hi Michael.

    I am sorry, but your case is not a case of poor support. You simply can’t call 41 ANSWERED support queries “poor” support. You are using our plugin on 31 websites and most of your websites are seriously messed up by another plugins and I don’t know what else.

    You got the plugin last June. We spent hours debugging your websites and we got installed and configured.

    You changed something in July, we spent several more hours and made it working again. For free. You broke it again in Aug and Sept and we fixed your sites again and again and still for free.

    We were trying and still trying to help you as much as we can, but we can’t spend all the time getting though your broken websites.

    Also you are extremely unpolite person. You are using a lot of curse and “F” words in your support requests. This does not motivate us to attend your problems faster.

    So all I can say is please be patient, we will get to your problems as soon as we can.


    Dude, u must be mistaking me for someone else.

    I have 7 support tickets, of which 3 remains unanswered since 2 weeks or longer.

    Please post a screen shot of the support tickets where f word was used or any cursing — you are lying !!!!

    And just to proof you are lying here is the screenshot:

    Summary of my open support tickets :

    The content of the 3 Open tickets:

    Tickets 1 :

    Ticket 2:

    Ticket 3 :

    So as you can see not a single “F” word and no curing. Really dude if you looking to make the reviews look nice by saying i lied and cursed and used bad words, then you just failed and i lost even more respect for you.

    If you are busy then at least acknowledge the support tickets or just say sorry you don’t provide support anymore.

    Bad boy !!!

    Plugin Author NextScripts


    Gmail shows 40 support threads from you starting from June 2012. (It was 41, I deleted one started with the words “Your stupid plugin …”)

    Moderator will close this thread as soon as he sees it, so can we go back to more civilized ways of working? Please see your email.

    Yes there might be 40 emails but some were complementing you, giving suggestions and pointing out mistakes like the hour which was not updating or the missing 56 minute in scheduling. Maybe if you responded to the tickets there wont be all the emails

    Support center screenshots above speaks for themselves with regards to response time….

    Have said what i wanted too so i am done here

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