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    I’ve been using this form plugin for quite a few months now. The Lite version, while simple, gives me everything I need for very basic forms. However, there is one suggestion that I believe would help immensely, and I hope the developers listen…

    I understand how a Lite version of any plugin has limited features and purchasing the Pro version will unlock most, if not all features. but one glaring omission…the Lite version does not allow the user to view entries that have been sent from the form. Again…I understand that…it’s a feature available in the Pro version. But, we all know that sometimes emails just don’t arrive at their intended destination for some reason. I don’t expect you to give us full access to the entries and their content, but at least let us have a list of how many entries there are and when they were sent, so we can at least cross reference with our email client to make sure that all have come through…and a way to Resend the notification email of any lost entry would be great.

    Paying $40-50 a year just to be able to see entries is a little steep. I can find another plugin that has this function…but I really like this one and how easy it is. I will change plugins if need be.

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    Case in point…two days ago I created a simple application form for potential employees to fill out before coming in for an interview. One young lady has filled the form out twice and even sent me the screen shot showing the confirmation message…but I have yet to receive her email. Now I wonder how many others might be missing…and there’s no way to tell.

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    Hi stsorrell64,

    I’m sorry to hear you’re seeing issues with email delivery! This is unfortunately becoming an increasingly common issue across the web. In order to ensure that emails deliver successfully, we recommend setting up an SMTP plugin. This will change the way that emails are sent so that they’re authenticated — allowing them to deliver reliably.

    For some more details on why websites run into email issues and our recommended plugins to fix this, here’s our tutorial.

    And in case it helps, you might consider installing an email logging plugin (here’s one free option). This would keep a record of any emails sent out from your site, including form emails. While this wouldn’t offer any of the entry management features of our paid version, it would be a way to keep a super basic record of any emails sent.

    I hope this helps! 🙂

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    that plugin does exactly what is needed…thanks for that suggestion! Now I can keep up to make sure that all emails are making it through to me.

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