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    While this plugin works well, there’s a few shortcomings that I’ll discuss. Some of them are amazingly addressed by the fantastic support – in that department the CartFlows really excel – all of my questions/issues were addressed within 24 hours and were either solved or promised to be soon delivered in an update.
    However, I feel that positioning it to be the alternative to ClickFunnels for a fraction of a price is not fair and hence the price tag is a bit high.
    It provides with the ability to direct the user straight to the shopping cart upon product selection and there’s this concept of a funnel (which really is just having a button on a page that links to the next page). There’s a few nice features that help manipulate the layout of woocommerce pages – probably possible to achieve with a few other plugins, but here it’s all neatly packed together, so there’s definitely value in that. Does it worth $300? I feel like it’s a stretch – especially without all the cool features mentioned but not yet implemented (like AB testing).
    As to ClickFunnels – it hosts your entire site, provides a webinar platform, a bunch of social engagement tools, emails, etc – yes they’re more expensive, but comparing it to CartFlows is like comparing a paper plane to a Boing 747. I mean yeah, both can fly…
    Anyway, the plugin delivers on most of the stuff it promises and it’s compatibility with Elementor is very impressive and convenient, but here’s a few things that still need polishing:
    1. Can’t have your site’s standard footer/header – currently the pages use only the plain canvas template and if you want to make your checkout look like it’s part of your website, you’ll need to work around that. Not a biggie, but a bit annoying.
    2. The Coupon field will not be foldable. Support provided a custom php script that works great, but again, would prefer to have it integrated.
    3. Some billing form fields can be hidden, but not all- achievable via custom CSS.
    As you can see, those are little things and the plugin is actively being worked on, so I’m sure it will be addressed in the future. Again, I feel like the price is a bit steep for a product that’s basically in a beta stage right now.

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  • Plugin Support CartFlows Team


    First I want to thank you for taking the time to write a review.

    And thank you for recognizing our support staff and how quickly we work to take care of our users. And also acknowledging that our support goes above and beyond in providing a solution to our customers’ requests, even when it falls outside of what our product includes.

    One of our customers made the below video. One of his reason for using CartFlows over ClickFunnels (which he has extensive experience using ClickFunnels for multiple 6 figure product launches) is that if you need anything it’s never gonna happen. So your request for a collapsible coupon field, good luck there, it’s most likely never gonna happen.

    Now regarding your comment that we are positioned as an alternative to ClickFunnels. While there is 1 reference to that on this plugin listing, there is no reference to that on our website currently, but we will be adding a comparison page because people have asked us what the differences are. And the only times we do reference it is to show what a feature set like this usually costs. So I don’t feel that we are positioned that way, or have gone out of our way to position CartFlows that way.

    Currently CartFlows Pro is $299 per year and ClickFunnels is currently $3,600 per year. So if someone wants sales funnels your options are CartFlows or pay 12X more for ClickFunnels where you don’t own your data and you can’t customize it to your requirements.

    I think there might be some misconceptions on what ClickFunnels is. Just to be clear from the review, they are not a webinar platform and do not offer webinar related features. They do allow you to create a funnel where you can put a youtube video that you pass off as a fake webinar. Optionally you could do the same thing with CartFlows if you so desired.

    Regarding your suggestions:

    1. We intentionally do not include your site header/footer in CartFlows created steps. They are proven to hurt conversions, increase cart abandonment, and be an unnecessary distraction for your buyers. That being said, we are going to give our users the option in a soon to be released update, but recommend against including them.
    2. I understand that you wanted the coupon field to be foldable and our support staff provided a solution for you. We may include that in a future update so it can be an option for everyone.
    3. You should be able to hide all billing fields that are not needed by your payment processor. In all my usage I have never run into a problem where I couldn’t. Feel free to contact our support on that.

    Regarding your feeling that CartFlows is a beta product, I assure you this is not the case. We have thousands of customers that are using CartFlows. In the CartFlows Facebook group, there are many people sharing their success using CartFlows to sell more products and make more money.

    Again, thank you so much for your feedback. We really appreciate it!

    Adam + CartFlows team



    i agree with @rusliko

    1- the price is high i even emailed the developer and told them. Although it is nice to have up to 30 websites license. But what if i just have 2 or 3 or even 5? i think there should be a price break for different users. Not one fit for all.
    2- this is what the developer wrote in response to @rusliko
    “1. We intentionally do not include your site header/footer in CartFlows created steps. They are proven to hurt conversions, increase cart abandonment, and be an unnecessary distraction for your buyers. That being said, we are going to give our users the option in a soon to be released update, but recommend against including them.”

    i dont want YOU (the developer) making decisions for me. just like other features you have there, this should also be something that i can Enable or Disable. Because for me, i would want the footer on all pages, such as copyright, policies, terms, return policies, etc… so later i dont have to refund any and all requests because they didnt read the return policies for example or because it wasnt displayed.

    3- i believe it is good coming, but the developers need to understand (as i mentioned it to them in my email to them) that its not only carflows purchase, i need to purchase elemntor and other plugins which start building the cost up there.

    For example, i want to buy 8 oz soda and lets say it cost $1 and there is another market that sells a 32 oz for $2 which is 4 times more and if you think about it, if purchased individually this would cost me $4 and i save $2 but if im going to drink ONLY 8 oz than the rest of the 24 oz would be wasted. This is the point im trying to make for the pricing.

    bottom line, ill wait till the price drops (till there is a sale) or there is a break down in pricing meaning 5 site $99 …10 sites $199, etc… (just an example)

    Oh, and most importantly, i viewed all youtube videos and i found 3 in total (3 people) and the rest were all duplicates, which has plenty of tutorials but not complete.
    Im familiar with landing pages, which is the first page customers see. but from the tutorial i have seen you have to install another theme which in reality this becomes your landing page for example mydomain.com and the cartflows landing page will be mydomain.com//cartflows_step/landing-page/

    Plugin Support CartFlows Team


    Hello @lajoejoe20 !

    Thank you for contacting!

    1. Actually, the price which you are viewing is the discounted price. Also, let me tell you that we are planning to add the license variations but it is in the planning phase and when it is ready we will announce it on the Facebook group.

    2. Yes, to enable/disable the header/footer on the CartFlows pages, we are introducing a new template type for the CartFlows pages which will add the theme’s header & footer on the CartFlows pages (An option to enable/disable the header/footer on the CartFlows pages). Thus including it all the theme’s styles and the scripts will be loaded on the CartFlows pages. This will add the theme’s header & footer on the CartFlows pages.

    3. We don’t recommend to purchase the additional plugins elementor and other plugins. There is a elementor’s free version too, which perfectly works with the CartFlows and all the templates which are available to import are also works with the elementor’s free version as well as other page builder’s free version. And rest about the paid plugins, it is on you to purchase it or not.

    4. You can set the CartFlows landing page as a home page this will automatically remove the /cartflows_step/from the URL and if you don’t want the /cartflows_step/ in the URL at all then set the permalink structure to the post name in the settings -> Permalink.

    I hope this will clarify you.

    Feel free to get in touch in case you have more questions/doubts.

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