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  • Hey, thanks for a great plugin, i really like it.
    I just have a suggestion, i want to integrate the plugin with an email list service to collect the emails after a petition is signed.
    So can you provide a hook (do_action) in the function ‘dk_speakout_sendmail’ so we can hook into it and integrate it for other services.
    Thanks again for a great plugin.

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  • Plugin Author 123host


    Hey Omar,

    Great idea. I am really busy on a couple of other projects at the moment and won’t have the time for a while. If you are interested in writing the code (I suspect you have the skills) and contribute it to the plugin I would be delighted to include it.

    I second this feature request! Has anything been done on this?

    I use for my email list. I just download the CSV, format for my list serve, and upload the list. I think integrating to the list serve could create more problems than it solves. It’s better to do this step manually and be in control.

    I was thinking that a Mailchimp integration would be awesome. Manual export/import is possible, but having an automated email signup would be nice. I think if @123host wanted to start monetizing this plugin, this would be a good first start for a paid add-on.

    Plugin Author 123host


    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I am interested in adding this, but the problem is which service? Mailchimp? aweber? activepost? all the others?

    It is impossible for me to include them all and if I only integrate one I will simply create a headache for myself with people going “can you also add” and then being disappointed if I don’t. 😛

    Perhaps an alternative is to have the CSV output be configurable so that you can create a CSV file to suit the newsletter service you use.

    I am interested in your thoughts on how I can keep everyone (especially me) happy.

    My guess is that Mailchimp or aweber are the most popular services. But also, I think if you go paid add-on, it may help compensate your time, and you can gauge whether there’s enough demand to begin adding others.

    I also understand the disappointment bit – I saw a post on the forum regarding having the petition text NOT be in a popup. I was disappointed when I saw that wasn’t something that could be accommodated. 🙂

    Plugin Author 123host


    I will look at what is involved in integrating those two mail services.

    You can always add your petition text to the page above or below the petition shortcode and have nothing in the textbox. I might look at whether it is possible to disable the text box popup.

    If making money from the plugin was of any interest to me, I wouldn’t be doing this. It has made me a grand total of $100…ever.

    I like that there is editing capabilities to the petition, which is lost when you add petition text on the page above or below. But you’re right, it is an option. Would it be possible to just have the #dk-speakout-reader div be inline with the petition rather than in the popup? I see references to #dk-speakout-reader in the public.js file, but I’m not familiar enough with javascript to suggest a change to the code. I guess in an ideal world, there would be a select on the back end for the user to choose inline or popup, but that’s probably making things a lot more complicated.

    I understand about the money – I wish I were better qualified to contribute! But frankly, the most I could add would be styling. Thanks again for your efforts.

    p.s. Sorry for hijacking a thread about email integration to talk about popups!

    Given the situation that 123host does not want to monetize with paid add-ons, I think the original suggestion is still the best for the community: provide means for others to write their add-ons themselves (cf original proposal).
    This would allow interested parties to write their own add-ons, even sell them eventually – but hopefully distributing them for free, to give back to the community.

    Plugin Author 123host


    Hey and thanks for contributing to this thread.

    I have had a quick look at adding a mailchimp hook to SpeakOut!

    To be honest, this is a little beyond my WP API understanding and will take me too long to research and figure out.

    If someone has the skills and would like to contribute to the plugin I would be delighted to include your code if it works.

    The best way to contact me directly is via



    I think the easiest way to automatically update email-subscribers via SpeakOut! would be to register signers as WP users. Than you can write to them via all kinds of WP Newsletter plugins – which mostly a linked to Services like mailchimps or aweber.

    Plugin Author 123host


    Interesting idea. I will look at implementing that.

    How do other people in this thread feel about this as a solution?

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