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  • It’s well developed and easy to use –
    much better than other similar plugins I’ve tried.

    The one failing of this great plugin:
    There is a disconnect in communication of how to use it.

    I know what you’re thinking, ‘but there are pictures!’ ‘there’s a video!’, and it’s true, there are and I had to come back here and use them. Once you have the plugin installed there are no clear directions from within WP what to next. I had to come back to this page to figure out where to go to use it! (Which is not great). Once on the Settings > Google Fonts page, again… NOT REAL CLEAR… I had to come BACK to this page and go through more steps, then go back and fiddle with it until it finally ‘clicked’. Maybe I’m slow today, but it should be fool proof, right? Designed for the lowest common denominator! (Me, apparently). Users should be able to use it immediately after installing it in WP without ever having to hunt for clues. I was in the WP page editor going, ‘now, where is the option to change the font…?’

    I would recommend better instructions once installed (maybe a reminder notice as some plugins do after an install, that says where to go next). And better instructions on the settings page (heck, maybe some tutorial images there).

    Again, the plugin itself is EXCELLENT! The BEST OUT THERE Figuring out how to use it should not be a mystery or a chore. It is, after all, pretty simple once you realize how it works.

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  • Plugin Author Sunny Johal


    Hi geckoblue4ever,

    Thanks for the detailed review, much appreciated. Generally speaking, this plugin is designed to be used by people who have a basic understanding of css and what css selectors are. The main purpose of this plugin is to make adding/switching fonts in your theme easier in comparison to manually editing the themes stylesheet every time you want to make a change.

    Also, there is a help tab on the google fonts settings page that explains how to use the plugin from within WordPress. I’ll definitely explore how we can make it easier to understand the plugin after the user has installed it on their site in future releases. Cheers


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