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  • I’m sorry it’s come to this but I couldn’t take it any longer. After 6 months of disabling the nag screen at the top of the dashboard every time I log in (it begs you to review the plugin on WP repository), I couldn’t help but oblige to write this well-deserved review. The plugin works fantastically but is incredibly annoying. I can’t use it for clients because of the nag screens and can’t stand using it for myself much longer.

    Cut the crap out or at least give us the option to pay you $1 to stop asking us to leave a review.

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  • Plugin Author Tang Rufus


    Read the v2.5.0 readme and faq. There are solutions for the issues.

    – Your server’s caching settings is broken.
    – Sunny is not designed for fixing broken servers.
    – You can use it on clients’ sites. Removing the admin notices wouldn’t break anything.
    – I have no plan to change the admin notices. They are well-tested. If you disagree, provide a failing test case via Github.

    What if my server settings are broken and I still want to use Sunny?

    Read the first warning on the readme.

    Really?! You’re a 100% sure it’s NOT your plugin? I’ve got a dozen other plugins running on this site and yours is the only harassing me. Your plugin, in fact, has (2) TWO nag screens going on right now. And you’re going to blame my VPS?

    – My VPS is fine.
    – Object cache and query cache is not the problem (also very presumptive of you to just blame that)
    – I do NOT have CloudFlare caching my WP admin area/URL’s.

    Even if they’re only showing up bi-weekly, that is STILL too much.
    Good luck with your future endeavors and hope you find a business model that makes people happy.

    Plugin Author Tang Rufus


    To save time for everyone, just don’t use it

    > Your plugin, in fact, has (2) TWO nag screens going on right now.

    In fact, it has (3) THREE

    Plugin Author Tang Rufus


    For everyone else with the same issue, either
    – uninstall Sunny, or
    – remove the notices from Sunny’s container, or
    – provide a failing test case via GitHub, then I will fix them

    FYI, I don’t expect this plugin would generate any income for me. I won’t change any notice settings no matter how many 1-star reviews on

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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