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  • I ran into an issue with ‘Bulk Optimize'(It was throwing 302 redirect). Shane looked over my website and my Server. He fixed a problem on our server which was preventing the ‘Bulk Optimize’ option. (Timeout issue with Apache).
    It took him a great amount of time. I don’t know how to say thanks enough!

    I am pasting the complete email message from him here to show his level of dedication and if it can help anyone else to debug the issue quickly.

    Wow, so that took some serious digging. Checked the Apache logs, and no mention of a 302 redirect. So I did a search through all the plugins and themes just to see if any calls to wp_redirect() jumped out at me, and got nothing there.
    When back to the Apache logs, and noticed some mod_security logging. Checked the audit log, and sure enough, there were all the 302s on admin-ajax.php. That temporarily sent me on a rabbit-trail, trying to figure out what rule was being violated, had to figure out a little more about mod_security logging, and found the full records of the redirect, and it looked like it was actually a timeout. I thought that was weird, as it doesn’t seem to ever run for anywhere close to 30 seconds (which is a pretty common timeout value). I was going to look for the mod_cgi configs (which is the module that manages PHP), since I’ve seen that cause timeouts before, but just for kicks I pulled up the main Apache config first. And there it was: “Timeout 15″.
    So I bumped that to 45, restarted Apache, and let it run for several minutes with no issues whatsoever until it hit 77 images. So I bumped it up to 145, that should hopefully take care of it. Technically, EWWW IO will allow an image to take up to 300 seconds, but that’s pretty rare, although I just saw one of your images take 139 seconds, which is just plain bizarre, because it was a very small JPG. Anyway, if it happens again, you could bump it all the way to 300 or 310 if you want, but hopefully it won’t come to that…

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    Those are the challenges I live for, and the knowledge that I’ve helped one more person speed up their website is well worth it 🙂

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