• stinewiemann


    seriously: this plugin is great!
    I wanted to create a simple, intuitive forum for a couple of colleagues so that we can chat and support each other without using facebook or something like that.

    I bought the plugin, installed it and used the included “gecko”-theme. after 6 hours my forum was completed and working. fantastic!

    on the second day I noticed that I had a problem with the message page: when clicking or tapping on the messages they did not expand to show the whole conversation but jumped back to the messages page. when I wasn’t able to fix it I contacted the support. after only a couple of minutes I already received an answer and after reviewing my site via a testuser-account the support team fixed everything and left me a comment explaining what the problem was (the permalinks were not set to post name).

    that was awesome! I am completely happy with it and it’s well worth the money.

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