• The imghaste plugin is easy to use and works great even if you don’t know have any clue what kind of magic is actually going on in the background. That’s exactly how it should be. However, if you have just a little technical know-how, you begin to understand how outstanding the service really is: a CDN without url rewrites? Amazing! Compatibility with most caching plugins? Great! Fast loading times? I take that anytime, even if PagespeedInsights, GT Metrix, Pingdom and so on are not yet able to display all improvements. After all, it is the UX that matters, not any highscores. You might want to check out the other features as well since there is more to it than image optimisation (backups for your pictures and so on).

    One more important aspect: the support-team is awesome. I had some additional questions, all of which were answered competently and quickly. The roadmap also shows what can be expected in the future. In addition the team is very transparent when it comes to planed features and integrations with other plugins (all very well thought out, by the way).

    Long story short: I highly reccomend imghaste.

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