• Great plugin, great features, great functionality and great customer service.

    It is a plugin with countless functionalities and configurations, all the features it has are practical and make work easier.

    It has options such as Page Caching, CDN, WebP Generation, Downloadable PDF Reports and a lot of image optimization improvements. I recommend visiting their website and finding out about all the features it has since I would need to write a lot of text to specify them all here.

    I believe that a plugin with this type of features should be installed on any website that wants to obtain the best speed and optimization benefits.

    The customer service is incredible and very pleasant, they will answer any questions or queries you may have.

    To get the most out of the plugin, I sincerely believe that it is worth paying for the plugin, since it offers a multitude of options and features in its paid version. It is a fair and affordable price that other plugins do not offer.

    In addition, it also offers new functionalities, features and improvements in each update. I think it is a plugin with a great future.

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