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    I really don’t know how I got it to work on the first place. Installing it is supper easy. the issue with WordPress and sending emails. I had to install another plugin so it could send emails. But once you get that accomplish you are good to go. And Man!!! How good is the support? The creator even helped me figure out something I could have not all by myself. If you have any errors or don’t know why something is not working. just reach out to the support team. They take their sweet time answering (that me being silly and demanding. LOL!!!!) it took them about 24 hours on weekdays, to replay, and they seem not to answer on the weekends. But once they answer they are there for you, I mean. They even went into my WordPress to look for what was wrong and fixed it for me. Who takes the time? well, they did. I could not be happier. Because, I was looking for a plug in I could use to make online contracts, that would auto fill in the data, and send an email to the customer. Guess what… We got it done!!!! and thats not all, it sends the email as you want it and can send a pdf file as well so anyone that receives that email, can download a copy of the PDF and the information you choose to share on it. I’m far above satisfied with this plug in. —- I just wish it could also manage inventory for rental. but hey who knows maybe in the future.

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