• I’ve been using the free version of Hide My WP Ghost for probably 2+ years now, and I’ve always found it to be extremely reliable and a staple for all of my different websites. But it wasn’t until recently I ran into my first ever issue with the plugin, where one of the settings clashed with my ability to interact with another key plugin I use on all my sites: Elementor.

    Not really knowing where to send information about the issue, I just used the company’s contact form and sent the team info about the issue I was experiencing.

    Not only did I receive an email back in less than 24 hours, in that email I was informed the information had been passed on to the dev team and a fix was being implemented. Within another couple of hours, I received a follow-up email letting me know the dev team had finished making the fix, and they were asking me to verify that the issue had been resolved. I reactivated the features I was having trouble with, and everything worked like a charm.

    I was blown away at how helpful and fast the team were with me, especially considering I was a free user rather than a paid user. I’m going to be purchasing the full paid plugin at this point just as a token of my thanks. Incredible support and customer service, on top of a 5 Star plugin.

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