• We were looking for an easy to use, yet powerful, tabular data presentation with associated visualization. We were thrilled to find wpDataTables and the associated addons. The capabilities provided of both having associated data source files (Excel, CSV, etc.) that can be used to drive tables and also the ability to directly edit the displayed tables, and then have easy-to-use filterable presentations of that data used across multiple pages has been an absolute winner based on what we needed. Our client has been very happy with our selection, the affordability of the solutions, and the eye-catching and highly mobile-responsive visualizations.

    But, as useful and appealing as the plugin results have been, the technical support provided behind the scenes has been even better. The wpDataTables team have cheerfully and tirelessly provided answers to my questions and even some workarounds for solving the problems I had that weren’t their direct responsibility! We’re sold and will happily be solving client problems using these tools in the future!

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