• This is a fantastic plugin. A little confusing at the start, and there’s so many different options and sub-plugins that it can be a little confusing.

    PMP’s support is absolutely outstanding, I’ve raised a ton of support requests. Every single one has been answered and resolved, usually within 24 hours.

    I’ve managed to build a subscription based site, with different payment options. I’ve done minimal code modifications, and even when I’ve had to, there’s been a well documented guide from PMP detailing exactly how to do it.

    Can’t recommend enough.

    The only downside is the inability to exclude content if part of multiple levels. Sometimes I want to exclude content for everyone EXCEPT levels 1 and 4. You can’t do this because there’s no way to exclude with an AND condition, only OR, which means if I use “-1,-4” as my condition, people in group 1 see the content because of -4 and vice versa. If that was fixed, there would be no issues from my end at all

    Still 5 stars though!

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