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  • I really like this plugin, and use it to organize the series on my website. However, I have to say, you should know ahead of time that it is resource-intensive. Currently, it’s responsible for 33% of the load time for my website… and is only one plugin out of 35–and this is the case even when loading pages where there’s not post that’s part of a series!

    I’m not sure why this is the case, and it doesn’t make the plugin less useful, but it is something you will want to know about going in.

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  • Plugin Author Darren Ethier (nerrad)


    thanks for the review and rating!

    Regarding resource usage. It depends on what you’re measuring Organize Series against. A more useful number is to give the amount of seconds(or micro seconds) Organize Series adds to page load time.

    In my tests Organize Series accounted for 0.0572 seconds (avg) for site load time (using the p3 Plugin Profiler)



    Ooops, didn’t see this prior to my comment earlier today!

    Thanks for the data. Well, it looks like maybe a plugin conflict. May I ask whether tou have any very long series? I have series that are 50 posts long… could that make a difference?

    Plugin Author Darren Ethier (nerrad)


    My point is that the PERCENTAGE of load time is a misleading figure and not the one that you should go by. For instance,

    I ran P3 profiler on a install of WP where just Organize Series and p3 Profiler were active, and the 2012 theme was active, and just a few series.

    The results?
    – Organize Series responsible for 87% of load time.
    – Organize Series ADDED .0905 seconds to load time.

    Next test, I ran P3 profiler on which has all the organizeseries addons along with other plugins (a total of 34), multiple series throughout the site (including some relatively long ones).

    The results?
    – Organize Series responsible for 4% of load time.
    – Organize Series ADDED .0252 seconds to load time.

    So my point is that the % of load time is misleading because it all depends on what you have running on your site along with Organize Series. The more helpful figure is how much time a plugin adds to the load time and as you can see Organize Series adds not as much time to the load time.

    Also, the P3 profiler plugin is a great tool for initial checks on what may be adding unnecessary load time to a website but as you’ve seen yourself, is only a tool for beginning the search.

    Plugin Author Darren Ethier (nerrad)


    Just thought I’d add, I didn’t add the above to dispute the results you posted but merely to illustrate that there’s a wide variety of factors that result in different results wherever p3 profiler is used to analyze a site.

    Plugin Author Darren Ethier (nerrad)


    For fun I thought I’d do another test using the same setup as the first test bed above (just orgseries and p3 active, 2012 theme).

    For this test I created a bunch of dummy posts so that I had one long series with 50 posts in it.

    Here’s the results for Organize Series:
    – percentage of load time: 94%
    – time added to load time: 0.1934s

    Then I did the same test except with NO posts added to any series and here’s the results
    – percentage of load time: 82%
    – time added to load time: 0.0596s

    So yes, having a series with a lot of posts in it will add time to the loading of pages displaying that series, but what’s interesting is that on I have multiple series, multiple addons running for Organize Series and multiple other plugins, all kinds of different series with varying lengths of posts in the series (I use Organize Series for documentation there) and I get the best results out of all tests!




    Thanks for testing that out. It’s a very weird result, the minimal load time added. I’m exploring other possible explanations, though it’s been days of that now and I’m starting to feel the rope fraying. 🙂

    So, I’m sorry to have blamed your plugin, and I’ll keep looking. Hopefully I can reinstate one series I had running with 50 posts, but I converted it to a tag/category and am going to leave it like that till I get a result like yours (where Organize Series is only adding minimal load time). I’ve got 13 plugins installed at the moment. The results for Organize Series:

    – percentage of load time: 58%
    – time added to load time: 0.1182s

    I suppose cutting down the length of my one remaining long series (which has upward of fifty posts) might help with the latter, so I’ll try that next. (Among a dozen other things…) I can say, though, quite definitively, that the load time WAS reduced by my deleting one of my long series categories, after batch tagging all the contents so they were still grouped together in some way. (Luckily, that long series worked fine as a Blog category anyway.)

    Thanks for the responsiveness here, by the way. I appreciate it!

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