• When it works, I’m really happy with what it offers and how it is coded. But it does not work if you have a theme or plugin which anonymizes the IPs of commenters before they are stored. I made a support request, and added to it myself 3 times, but the author never commented – even though I have supplied the one-line solution myself: Insert into simple-comment-editing.php as line 1095 (in plugin version 2.6.0) $comment_author_ip = apply_filters( 'pre_comment_user_ip', $comment_author_ip ); This runs the anonymize filter before using the IP values in the hash function. Then it all works. I provided the fix a couple of weeks before the version 2.6.0 was released, and so now I’m very disappointed and can’t understand why the fix did not make it into the new release. Will be very glad to amend my review if the fix is soon incorporated. Independently of all that, thanks to Ronald for providing and maintaining a great plugin!

    Update: Ronald fixed this in the version released 2021-07-02 – many thanks!

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