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  • First off, great plugin! We have a small issue being revealed with the diagnostic plugin Query Monitor. On every page of the admin we get a red flag with this error:

    HTTP Request:
    404 Not Found
    Call Stack:
    Plugin: wp-rollback

    I did a quick check of your plugin’s code and I think it may be because we have Gravity Forms on this site which is not in the WordPress Plugin Directory as it’s paid plugin, and so the slug value for it is empty. It’s the only plugin on the Plugins page without a Rollback link next to it.

    One more suggestion…only have the HTTP API calls on the actual Plugins page, because it seems that is the only one that truly needs it, and it wouldn’t be necessary to call it on every page of the admin (which slows it down). An alternative if you need is to use crons.

    Looking forward to a fix for this. Thanks!

    – Scott

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  • Plugin Author Matt Cromwell


    Thanks for the heads up on that. I created an issue on Github about this:

    If you have a fix we’d love a PR. Otherwise, we’ll dig into it when we can. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Devin Walker


    Hey I see you’re in San Diego too! Very cool. We should meetup and geek out on WordPress. 😉


    Thanks for the quick response! Right on.

    I don’t have an exact code fix yet, but I vaguely remember when I looked at the code something about slugs. It seemed that the slug was blank, as evidenced by:
    Notice this part: .org//tags/

    (Been working on a lot of other code today so memory isn’t the clearest as it was a couple days ago.)

    We use the plugin Query Monitor in addition to WP_DEBUG so I recommend those to help you recreate the issue.

    I can dig into the code later and see about an actual solution. Regarding only calling on the plugins page you can use the WordPress global $pagenow and check if it equals plugins.php, if is_admin(), and if current_user_can(‘manage_options’). (That’s quick and dirty off the top of my head.

    Again, seriously love this plugin. It became really handy for debugging plugin conflicts. We used it first roll back one to various previous versions, and then the other plugin. This helped us pinpoint exactly where they became incompatible. I will write a glowing review after this gets fixed, and I plan to write a blog post on debugging as well and recommend your plugin as an important tool.

    – Scott

    @devin Walker: Heck yeah, bro!

    Plugin Author Devin Walker


    Hey Scott – this is fixed now in 1.2.4

    Thanks for bringing this to light… very critical optimization.

    Hey Devin,

    Excellent! I appreciate the quick work. Everything seems to be working perfectly now.

    You’re very welcome! Glad to help!

    – Scott

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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