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  • I love Mike’s plugin and use it on all my site. As I have been using it for a few years I actually prefer his older versions to the latest version. Each time that I have upgraded the plugin I have run into minor snags, which primarily related to permissions on my server.

    However, if you are upgrading from a previous/older version to the latest version be sure to make a backup of your previous version in case you need to roll it back. When I upgraded recently to the latest version it did not carry across the settings from the previous version and all of my forms were lost. The reason for this is that they made significant updates to the layout of the settings page and have broken the settings into multiple arrays whereas in previous versions they were in a single array.

    In my case I had to roll it back to the previous version because I had dozens of forms that I didn’t want to recreate.

    Fortunately, the plugin does have the ability to backup all forms in a single click so that when you upgrade you can then import your backed up forms.

    All in all a great plugin with an excellent team of developers that work hard to provide a very easily customizable form with every option you could possibly need.

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  • Hi wlpdrpat,

    just read your post. Could you tell me how to back up the previous version? Would this just be to keep the original downloaded zip file.




    To backup your previous version of the plugin before upgrading you can use ftp and download the plugin directory (si-contact-form) or if you have Remote Desktop just copy and paste it to a desktop folder. If you have already upgraded and don’t have a backup you can download your previous version from here:

    To backup your forms before upgrading go to the plugin options page and scroll to the very bottom and you will see where you can backup and restore your forms. After upgrading I believe restore forms is in the Advanced tab (I’m not certain and can’t check as I rolled mine back but it was easy enough to find).


    Thanks Pat

    Sorted.. Many thanks.


    Sorry you had trouble. The forms are supposed to import automatically but sometimes they don’t. All you have to do is install the 4.xx version, if the forms do not import, go to the tools tab and click the button “import settings from 3.xx version”.

    This is in the FAQ

    I upgraded to 4.xx version and my forms did not import

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