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    Thanks, Raju, for patiently trying to help me by changing something in the plugin and updating it. I tried to email you that the shifting I described is no longer happening but the email wasn’t delivered to you. I received an email in which was said it was “550-JunkMail rejected”. Though the flash remains for the portrait filmed videos, to me this plugin is still a great plugin. I’ve not had any other problem using it. I so like that it’s simple and easy to use. Thank you for creating and maintaining it!

    May all go well for you.


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    Raju I’ve not been able to reply to your email because I’m still getting a “550-JunkMail rejected” email when I reply. Below is the reply I tried to send you:

    “Hi Raju,

    I’ve not been able to create a temp admin account for you because ‘Administrator’ is missing from the role drop down list. I didn’t know it was missing from the list and I’ve not yet found a way to add it back.

    Thanks for using the video on a temp website. 🙂 When I checked it it quickly flashed a smaller image and then changed to the larger one. It did the same when refreshing the page.

    Thank you for trying to help!


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