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  • oskerlau


    Great plugin, best so far in the market, however, it would be perfect if author could integrate these into the plugin.

    1) Add plugin setting to optionally include all existing products in Product Feed
    2) Add plugin setting to allow using WooCommerce product information in the product feed by default. eg, SKU , variation product’s prices, descriptions, currency, etc.
    3) Add plugin setting to assign google’s category to match with WooCommerce’s product categories, so all products receive an appropriate Google Category by default, just like BigCommerce.

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  • Plugin Author Claudio Sanches


    Very easy require and give it a low rating.
    But you would like to help work with the plugin and deploy it?

    Chirag Vora


    @oskerlau you gave a low rating for making the author do custom development for you?

    Plugin Author Claudio Sanches


    @chinrag Exactly, him does not have the least respect for open source projects.



    Did you guys read my comment properly?? I said that this plugin is best in the market!

    I believe that most developers prefer to receive honest and constructive suggestions. Instead of being a criticiser to pick on the functionalities, I suggested the practical improvements which could be implemented as a user’s point of view.

    I really love this plugin and have spent a lot of time exploring the functionalities and potential of it, trying to make it perfect for everyone even non technical users however I’m not a WordPress developer so I am unable to contribute my work. I believe the author wants to receive feedbacks more than just good good good, excellent excellent excellent.

    Plugin Author Claudio Sanches


    Yes I have read and it was no feedback.
    You was requesting new features. You vote 3 stars is to penalizing plugin to not have.
    This is not incentive.

    I am offended by your review!

    For those who see only the stars do not read the comments and avoid using the plugin.
    That according to your words has potential is the best in the market. So it is not the best because insentivar and help?
    If you can not program, you can still donate or at least give 5 stars to contribute.

    As well as any being a human does when this in an open source community.

    @oskerlau if this is best plugin in market, it does not deserve a 3 star rating. This is a place to review plugin based on what they presently do in it’s current state. Reviews should not involve penalty based on what it lacks.

    Please consider revising your score. I found this plugin very useful. HI’m sure other will too.

    PS: I’m not a developer, but from my experience I can tell you… just go and ask guys at woothemes to modify a plugin you purchased from them and they will call it custom development.

    Although I don’t agree with the 3 star rating he gave the plugin dev. I do Agree with oskerlau in adding those features he mentione. Heck, i’d even be willing to pay for it. Woocommerce sells a Google Feed plugin but it’s garbage compared to this. I paid $79.00 too, I’d gladly pay $100.00 for this plugin if it had woocommerce integration.

    Plugin Author Claudio Sanches


    @wicked4u2c this plugin will die, I’ll delete it soon.
    I’m unmotivated to continue with this plugin since the day I received this review.

    What a shame, such a great plugin. As I said before, I’d pay for this plugin if it were for sale. I think you should make a paid version of it, I wouldn’t pay attention to the review.

    Hi all

    Whilst I am by no means a highly proficient programmer, I would like to contribute to this very valuable project.

    I have read that there is functionality that the plugin can be further improved with in terms of its ease of use and usefulness in facilitating flexible Adwords PLA/Shopping campaigns. I too would like to see these changes because as a marketer I do require them.

    I have slightly amended class-wc-gmcf-xml.php to change:

    description: will populate from product description if plugin value is blank (speeds up time)
    g:product_type: permit multiple entries (separating values in text field using newline/carriage return)

    I hope that these small additions help.

    // Basic Product Information.
    			$item->addChild( 'g:id', get_the_ID(), $ns );
    			$item->addChild( 'title' )->addCData( sanitize_text_field( get_the_title() ) );
    				$item->addChild( 'description' )->addCData( sanitize_text_field( get_the_content() ) );
    				$item->addChild( 'description' )->addCData( sanitize_text_field( $options['description'] ) );
    			$item->addChild( 'g:google_product_category', '', $ns )->addCData( sanitize_text_field( $options['category'] ) );
    			$product_types_list = preg_split('/\r\n|\r|\n/', $options['product_type']);
    			foreach($product_types_list as $product_type){
    					$item->addChild( 'g:product_type', '', $ns )->addCData( sanitize_text_field( $product_type ) );
    			$item->addChild( 'link', get_permalink() );

    I will be happy to consider contributing further if my abiities can extend to it!!!

    Kind regards

    Hi All

    Does anyone still listen to this thread?

    I sent a little time yesterday trying to understand the code and believe I have variable products working now. As I said previously am not a ‘true’ programmer so my attempt will need to be further developed/optimised.

    A sample output for one product – on a dev site – can be see on:

    This shows 1 product (a chair) with 3 SKU’s (different colours and prices).

    I reviewed a premium plugin recently and it was difficult to use. It did however output the product and its skus – so – in my case i’ve done the same – 3 skus produce 4 entries into the feed (1 parent + 3 SKU’s).

    I will shortly update the script to include a <g:custom_label_0>Sale</g:custom_label_0> if the item is on sale.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

    Hi rvtalawila,

    Thank you for updating this, please let me know if you have it stable.

    @claudio Sanches please dont be disheartened by one rating, this is a great plugin and I thank you highly for it.

    Would you be happy to take up the development from rvtalawila?

    Best regards to all, Andrew

    Hi All


    …has been added and variable permalinks updated.

    @claudio Sanches – I’m a relatively new member to the dev community, please can you advise on how I can contribute to get the plugin updated with these incremental changes. This is a hugely valuable project – thank you!

    @solosails – thank you!

    Kind regards

    Hi rvtalawila,

    Where can we get your complete modification from?

    Thanks, Andrew

    Plugin Author Claudio Sanches


    @rvtalawila please, send me by
    I will not give up the plugin in June will give back the maintenance on it.
    I really appreciate if you can help me by GitHub.

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