• I could not find a way to show WooCommerce Shop or cart icon in Divi secondary menu on mobile (just shows phone and email). Googled and searched forums for 2 days, no results.

    Came across this simple little Top Bar plugin which allowed me to place a single button that says SHOP HERE on the mobile. Perfect! Except it also shows on the desktop, which has the SHOP and CART in the secondary menu. So it was redundant and taking up space.

    I asked if it could be turned off on the desktop, and I was amazed how quickly and friendly Donnie answered my email. He asked a couple important questions, was very friendly, and a day later he sent me a snippet to simply paste in my Divi custom CSS box with detailed instructions (it couldn’t be easier) and now the perfect Top Bar shows only on mobile, just like I wanted. BTW this exceptional support was for my FREE version, no less.

    Thanks, Donnie, for a great solution and outstanding support.

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