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  • Usually, when I read nothing but great reviews about WordPress plugins and on most things for that matter, I generally think that 90% of them are fake. If I had read the reviews here before I downloaded the plugin, I would have thought they were all BS and written by fake accounts. I mean c’mon, they look like headlines from a poorly advertised infomercial or paid Amazon review, right?

    Anyway, after using this plugin for about 3 months now and frequently communicating with the plugin author, in the beginning, I can say that every one of these reviews is spot on. I usually don’t waste time writing reviews, but I’m hoping that if I keep the positive reviews flowing in, it will improve the popularity of this plugin and hopefully get it to keep getting better.

    While I couldn’t quite get things working at first, I honestly have never had the type of support from a WordPress plugin or any really any software. The author goes above and beyond to make sure he can do everything he can to make this work for you. I eventually paid for the upgrade because for one I knew I would need it for more users, but I honestly don’t think I paid enough for the support I’ve gotten so far.

    The author even went as far as video chat with me from across the world (like midnight his time) to talk face to face and make sure I got the help I needed.

    I see plugins get shitty reviews once in a while because people don’t know what they’re doing or are too lazy to read the documentation and undeservingly give a bad review. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen with this one, but if it ever does get a bad review, it’s because the user didn’t have the decency of opening a ticket or reading the documentation ahead of time.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and can’t wait to see what else comes from this great intranet in a box plugin!

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