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  • Resolved Hassan


    1. Add i18n support for login and logout texts and other texts (e.g. the Login <h2> header in the modal). Also, how to customize those texts when using the PHP code?

    2. If a user clicked on Login button without entering details, or if entered a wrong user/pass combo, they are redirected to the default wp-login.php. That breaks the user experience. Can you keep that consistent? i.e. all login interaction is done in the modal, only the modal, and nothing but the modal.

    3. Add support for password reset etc. in the modal, not just the login alone.

    4. More flexibility in customizing the HTML & CSS of the modal would be great.

    5. Not sure if it’s just me, but when I drag the plugin’s widget into any widgetized area of my theme, the widget box kind of gets attached to the left of the widget container, while other widgets are aligned correctly. I’m talking about the backend, of course. Screenshot.

    6. Add an option/checkbox to remove the TinyMCE icon.

    7. Auto-focus on the username input upon triggering the modal; don’t make me having to click on it first then after that switch to my keyboard to write.

    8. How about AJAX login!?

    9. Thank you for listening. I’m done!

    10. Can you add ALL of those immediately in the next update? 😀

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  • …oh, forgot one:

    11. Role-based login & logout redirects would be super!

    Plugin Author Cole Geissinger


    Thanks for the suggestions Hassan!

    Most of what you outlined is going into v2 which I’ve been working on when I can. I’ll definitely try and address anything extra you listed here in that version too 🙂

    Sounds great, Cole!
    Awaiting the update.

    BTW, I’d rather keep this as “not resolved” until there’s an actual updated version.

    Also, any ETA for the update?

    Plugin Author Cole Geissinger


    No solid ETA on the next release, but I’m aiming for ASAP as a lot of these new features are things I had in mind from the get go but couldn’t roll out in v1

    After login is there a way to direct the user to a specipic page as opposed to the user profile page?

    Plugin Author Cole Geissinger


    There are several ways to redirect a user once log in happens. By default it will send you to the homepage of your website.

    Hassan, I haven’t forgotten about you! I’ve been crazy busy with a home purchase and new job but I’m 98% there and about ready to roll out version 2. I’m aiming for the end of the month I’ll have this updated.

    Great news, Cole.

    When version 2.0 comes out, we’re gonna celebrate in your new home, ok?

    I’ve spent many hours looking at the other front-end login plugins, but this is the one I want.
    I am trying to get it to work with BuddyPress. It does everything correctly except that it redirects users to the their WP backend Admin area.
    I’ve tested it after disabling all the plugins other than BuddyPress, but it didn’t solve the problem.
    Can you think of a fix for this?
    Also, I assume the what we can see here: is a preview of V2. I hope so, that looks perfect!
    Thanks for a good plugin

    Plugin Author Cole Geissinger


    @miketun – I haven’t tested this with BuddyPress yet, but I’ll look into it and see if I can replicate. I’m right on the edge of rolling ot 2.0 (writing the documentation as we speak!) so I will make sure I test this out as soon as I can after the release. I would recommend testing the new version when it’s released and see if the issue has been fixed?

    Also, if you can post any new issues in a new thread, that would be great, as this issue here is unrelated to the thread you commented on.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! Look for the updated release in the next day or so!

    Plugin Author Cole Geissinger


    Alright, have at it! V2.0 is out!


    btw, I’m not fond with how the plugin is now having its own top-level menu item when it only has a short page of options. I’d prefer it goes under Settings menu– less clutter, more sense 🙂

    Plugin Author Cole Geissinger


    Yeah, something I contemplated too.. I think in the next roll out I will be tucking this away into settings as this plugin doesn’t need such a high level of visibility. Kind of a “set it and forget it” kind of thing ^_^

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