• This plugin works very well. Simple, straightforward, does what it says.

    A word of advice to anyone using an IIS server or who is hosted on Azure, this will not work without modifying php.ini. This is NOT the plugin’s fault though, it is a MS issue.

    The plugin throws an SSL error. To resolve the issue, you have to download the newest cacert.pem file (just google it) and add it to your site, somewhere.

    Then, follow Microsoft’s instructions here to generate your own PHP runtime. (it is easier than you might think, just follow the directions, carefully)

    Then add this curl.cainfo = "D:\home\site\wwwroot\lib\cacert.pem" to your php.ini file. Make sure it points to wherever you put your file.

    Be sure to activate mysqli.dll by uncommenting the line in the php.ini and make sure you have specified your php extensions directory in the php.ini.

    Do all that and it should work.

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