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  • Its a nice & simple plugin; does efficiently what it seeks to do …to create a library of links..with lot of customization options.
    The weblinks put up as demo alongwith configuration options got me going in no time….
    The only improvement i can suggest is to include a feature for display order of fields in add link form.
    One thing that i was unable to do was to get search form & button to display in same line. (presently the search button is displayed below search form…may be, i could not figure out how to do it..
    To include..this is a true 5 starrer
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  • Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    Thanks for the good words. If you point me to your site, I can see if I can get the search form to display as you would like it.

    you can see the test page at following URL:

    Presently, search button is displayed below the search box. I would prefer them to appear on same line (i.e. side by side).

    would be nice if you can help me on that


    Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    Can you try the following:

    – Download the link-library.php file from the plugin directory and open it in a text editor that can display line numbers.

    – Go to line 1758 and remove the \n characters towards the end of the line, just before the double-quote and the semi-colon

    – Do the same on 1759

    – Upload the modified file to your site and see if the form displays as intended.

    Looking at your page source code, I am seeing HTML full line breaks (br tags) between the search field and the search button. That being said, my plugin code does not output these full line breaks. There are only these \n characters, which are just supposed to put new line characters in the page source code output.

    Do you perhaps have a plugin in place to modify your page output before rendering them that might be causing this transformation?

    Let me know what happens after you make this change.

    thx for reply.
    i tried that with notepad++ ; but that didnt resolve the issue.
    may be, if you can send revised link-library.php .that may help

    Make the break tags float:

    #llsearch br {
    float: left;

    Or remove them using display:none

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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