• Plugin is great but the premium version is far too expensive, as you have to buy an entire addon bundle instead of what you want. All I wanted was access to the repeater templates and if you think I am paying $149.00 yearly for that you must be crazy! Subscription based software models are also pretty shitty. I don’t buy sub based software just out of principle. Plenty of other companies just give update support for x amount of years when you buy which makes more sense and when it expires you don’t get updates anymore when the period expires.

    I’m only rating 5 star because the free version is very good. If I needed anything that was locked behind the paywall I would just uninstall and get another plugin. If I had my heart set on this one I’d just pay someone to modify the plugin which would be infinitely cheaper than subscribing to yearly payments.

    If repeater templates were like $30 per extra template or something I’d have bought some extra templates and probably other people would too. Just a suggestion.

    Otherwise the free version is great, nice work, very good plugin. The pricing and non modular nature of the ability to pay for the pro version does leave a bitter taste though.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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