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  • Thank you, a great plug-in.

    With almost 14,000 photos and after I lost all my categories with Enhanced Media Library plugin which I used for 6 years, this plugin (Media Library Categories) gave me a chance to make new categories again.

    Hope there will be a choice to remove the appearance of number of photos in each category.


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  • @marko6548,


    I am Nadia, an author of EML. I am sorry to hear that you experienced issues with EML. Could you please describe in more detail how did it happen that all your categories were lost? Since they are WordPress taxonomy terms and stored in the database I consider it’s almost impossible to happen. Maybe in a support ticket on the EML’s forum?


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    Hello Nadia,

    It happen after two years from using it 4 year ago, I’ve got a blank screen, not showing any thumbs. I tried to contact the support but no solution was found. So I kept the older version of the plugin but changed the version number in the code to a higher number to not receive annoying “a newer version is available”. Everything worked fine, until the recent update of WordPress, the media library was showing the thumbs but only one screen, so I was not able to scroll own to see the rest, and the WordPress’ “Load more” button was not their, even when searching for photos, the results were on a one screen result.

    Now everything is lost as I used the EML to delete every data from the DB including tables, and then I deleted the plugin itself.

    Now even if the problem will be fixed I cannot use it again as the website is updated daily with many articles, and restoring the whole DB will not show all the new posts which have been added after the deletion of the plug in.

    So I begin using MLC and start of with new categorizing of the huge library.


    Hello Marko,

    I am sorry to hear this! This sounds really bad. You should’ve not deleted EML data even in case it stopped working for you. Since its own maintenance options are just a little piece of an options table. You could’ve used its categories with other plugins like MLC or even migrated them to some other plugin. Please do not delete the categories you create with other plugins if you decide to migrate again one day. It’s all pretty solvable.

    Also, if you own a website with a lot of images / articles, you must have a development version of it, where you can try updates. It wasn’t a good solution to keep the outdated version of the plugin either.

    As for the issue, as far as I can see MLC uses WordPress taxonomies as well. So, if you restore not the whole database but only taxonomies tables, you will need to re-create just categories/tags that were added during the interim period, not for the whole time. All mentioned must be performed first on a development copy of your website. But it can really save a lot of your time.

    As for EML, I should consider removing an option that allows deleting EML taxonomies terms from the database with a single click. Looks like I need to provide a code for developers only.

    I am really sorry that EML was broken for you and that it pushed you to the wrong decisions.


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