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    Would just like to say what a great plugin this is, good work!

    The support seems very good so please keep that up for sure.

    I would like to know if it is possible to create a modal that works on mobile phones via a responsive mobile navigation, on a PC the link in the navigation works fine by adding the class eModal-1 and the http://# as the url, but I notice on the iPhone 5S that the link does show but when clicked on the popup modal does not popup?

    I am using a contact 7 form inside for reference, if it is possible for this to be done then it would be great, thanks again for this great plugin … I wish I found it sooner as used some other plugins for achieving a popup with a contact form and this seems the best!

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  • Plugin Author danieliser


    How is your mobile menu generated? Does it become a select menu? If so you could write your own JS function on the change of that select, if the value = your menu item. Then open the modal.

    Thanks for the review. Please take a moment to put it here

    Hi Danieliser,

    yes it is a select menu, unsure how to go about doing the JS function? do you have any documentation on this … I did look through the website but does not really bring anything up.

    If you could point me in the right direction please.

    The only other thing I have noticed is using the contact 7 form inside the modal it causes the validation errors to go full width of the modal for some reason and not just in the required fields?

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author danieliser


    Hey Jimbo. Our docs had to be removed as they were not correct for the latest version. We have unfortunately been tied up with a contract project and unable to rewrite them lately.

    Something like this should work.

      var option = jQuery(this).val();
      if(option == 'popup')

    Add that to your Themes JS or a custom JS file.

    Plugin Author danieliser


    PS thanks for your positive feedback. Please take a moment to rate and review the plugin here

    ok thanks, so I can add that line of code anywhere in the themes JS file, most probably best to add it to a JS file rather than creating a new one as I would need to load that new JS by enqueue if I am correct.

    So once I add that code on a mobile device it will launch the modal through the mobile navigation yes?

    Plugin Author danieliser


    Correct you will need to modify it to match your particular css selectors such as #menu_select, and the option ‘popup’.

    Enqueueing would be necessary if you created a new script.

    Hi Danieliser,

    I tried adding the code to a js file but nothing changes, unable to open the easy modal via the nav menu on mobile devices?

    Just to add this seems to be an issue when using safari on iPhone etc

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    oh sorry

    Never did get this resolved? is the developer still supporting this plugin?

    Plugin Author danieliser


    Very much so, If you have a link i can examine it would help greatly.

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