• Great plugin, powerful yet simple to use.

    I’d miss one small feature, that the bottom edge of a tiled gallery be straight (like jetpack does), instead of jagged. I realize this involves a complex calculation on image sizes, and may be impossible in some cases.

    Apart from that, it fit my needs perfectly. Bravo!


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  • Hi RP,

    thank you very much for your feedback, it’s always appreciated. Well, I can assure the calculations are actually already quite complex, much more than the ones of Jetpack 🙂

    Infact, when you crop images it’s easy to make a gallery where you have always an aligned bottom, but Final Tiles Gallery has a very different philosophy which is: keeping images not cropped and with mixed sizes. So, with these constraints, it’s “simply” impossible to force the gallery having the bottom always aligned.
    This is not better and not worst than other galleries, it’s just another way to arrange images in a container.


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    Hi Diego,

    Thanks for the quick response!
    Yes, you are absolutely right. So why not give the user the option to have an aligned bottom, in which case you slightly crop the images vertically to achieve this, or else leave it as now with complete images.

    In my opinion the cropping isn’t such a big deal, as the tiles just show the thumbnails and the user can see the complete images in the light show.
    That’s just my take though, you as you see fit but I think it would add a nifty feature to an already great package.


    The idea is good, I’ll think about it, thanks!


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