• I’ve only been using this plugin for a couple of weeks, but so far it have solved several issues for me, like sending from contact forms.

    Just 65 subscribers and no bouncing and no spam. So So maybe I’m one of the good guys when it comes to this!

    Some issues:
    Only problem so far is the media library (when adding a picture anywhere), it looks like absolutely shit. Not even close to the real media library. PLEASE FIX THIS!

    When creating a template for Latest News it’s not possible to back one step in the process. You just have to start all over again with building a new template.
    It should be possible to back one step in the creation process if you for example want another delivery date or delivery frequnce!

    The excerpts does not accept the standard of 30 chr and does not let you change the number of chr.

    The excerpts does not does not except the standard layout of the text, <P> and <br> are ignored and the text is delivered in one complete mass. NOT very beutyful! THIS MUST BE FIXED!

    Small problems, great plug!

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