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  • I love Codeat’s Glossary! (I thook the lifetime PRO license!) A great WP plug-in, flexible with nice customization features… but it could become even more useful (and popular, I think!) if it were possible to control a couple of extra parameters.
    I must say I actually use Glossary not as a glossary per se but for adding notes in texts. I like the look and functionalities of the tooltips… but the fact that the plug-in was created as a glossary tool has draw backs for the use I make of it. It could become a fantastic tool for notes too (opening up a whole new market for it!) if one could:
    1- specify the pages in which the words are activated (or not), so that one could have the note appear only once on one page for example (for now it is only possible to “Link only the first occurrence of the same key term” on EVERY page so that the note will appear in the first occurrence on ALL pages where the word or sequence of words appear)
    2- have the possibility to eliminate (or better control) the “read more…” link in the tooltip so that the link doesn’t show up for short notes (readers tend to click on the “read more”…. even if there is nothing else to read on the page of the note). For now it is only possible to completely “Remove the “more” link in tooltips” in ALL tooltips.

    Of course, the possibility of having html show up in the tooltips themselves (italics, links…) would be amazing to, but that might not be technically feasible.

    I am not sure my two other suggestions would be technically feasible either, but the plug-in would then become an amazing tool not only for glossaries, but for adding pop-up notes to any kind of text, thereby opening a whole new market for Glossary (that would then have to change name to “Glossary & Notes” maybe? 😉 )

    Grazie mille to the creators of Glossary!

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  • Hi jfvallee and thanks for your comments!
    1- It is a long discussion that we are having about exclude/include in what pages add terms and is not technical easy (our mainly proposal is using taxonomies as group)
    2-You can already do that with the settings using the parameter for generating the excerpt. Check the settings and let us know because if there is a bug we can fix it ASAP.
    3-Use custom HTML in tooltips right now it is not possible because can break a lot of things, and we are evaluating for 2.0 probably a support for it.

    Thank you very much for your quick reply… and sorry for my delayed response (busy times!). I think I found the way to eliminate the “read more” link in the settings of the individual notes like you suggested: selecting “internal link” instead of “external link” seems to work… except that three suspension points (…) remain at the end of the tooltip text even if the text of the note is complete. Anyway to control that?

    Thanks again!

    Very strange can you open a ticket to because you are a premium user, so we can address this issue better 🙂

    Trying to create the ticket but always get the message: “An error occurred while trying to create the ticket.”

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