• Update 27th July 2020
    5 Stars
    Within 24 hours, my issue was resolved. I highly recommend using this plug-in and if you have any issue, they will resolve it very fast.

    Now that I got it to work, I have had a better chance to play around with it. The closest thing I can find to compare it to are dark mode browser exertions. I compared it to all the highest rated browser extensions in Chrome and Firefox. It did a better job of choosing the correct colours and images than all the browser extensions except “Dark Reader” by Alexander Shutau which is absolutely amazing.

    SMALL BUG FOUND: When you go to the Plugins tab on Dashboard and go to the “WP Dark Mode” Plugin, Select “View Details”. While the Plugin is [active] it says “Warning: this plugin has not been tested with your current version of WordPress.” When the Plugin is [Deactivated] there is no problem.


    Reviewed 26th July 2020
    (Using with Elementor)
    They have made a plugin that nobody else has made. I like it when a website follows the “Windows 10 Dark Mode”. I’m looking forward to seeing what other updates they come up with over the next couple of months. At the time of my review the last update was 3 days ago, so that is always good to see. Well done, keep up the good work.

    (I prematurely gave it 5 Stars but after working with it, I have edited my review)

    The reason I gave it 2 stars is that it displays a solid colour behind the text in my header image and I have tried everything to fix it but I already have it set to transparent. The second issue I have is that when I am editing in Elementor all my images disappear so I have to deactivate the plugin when I am using the “Elementor” page builder.

    I went to see if these issues would resolve in the pro version. When I went to make the purchase their website had no method to make a purchase. The pro version is also overpriced from a cost-benefit point of view. However, they may have the prices over-inflated to temporarily put people off making a purchase because they don’t have a fully functional website yet.

    For now, I have deleted it, but I will check back in a few months because I do like the concept. I will also update my review then too. But for now, I want to allow people to read this and save 30/40 minutes of your time installing it, trying to get it to work followed by having to delete the plugin.

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  • Plugin Author WPPOOL


    Hi @redrobin1001,
    Thanks for trying the plugin and your valuable time on writing so long review. We appreciate it a lot because the great people like you help us make our product stable by pointing issues that we fix.

    We’re constantly trying to improve the plugin by fixing known issues and incorporating new features that users need to have.

    Since it is our recently released plugin, issues may remain and it’s normal you know. We took the issues very seriously and we fixed the issues you noted:

    1. We have fixed the solid color behind the text in my header image
    2. We have fixed the image disappearing bug in Elementor editor

    Can you please give it another try and let us know if you still have any issues using the plugin?

    Please update your review and experience if this plugin helps you now.

    Thank you.

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