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    I was surprised at how challenging it was to get a good-looking review plug-in that was for my own website users and did not depend on a third party like Google reviews, Tripadvisor reviews and all the others. I have a small independent business, and I used to sell over an international site that had its own programmers and a great rating app, visually and for users. I went independent, and on my own site, I tried to find a plug-in that is easy for my customers to use and looks good but I am not tied to only Google reviews, Tripadvisor, and so on – I am a tour guide – and can let customers who book over my site leave their own reviews there as well. This plug-in seems to be all of that. I am a layman with webbuilding, but I am building my own sites, and this is just what I was looking for.

    To top that off, I am not experienced in web design, so when my plug-in wasn’t working I got in touch with support. The problem was I simply did not have the correct recaptcha key, and I missed this. Support was great, and the problem was found and solved. But the problem was akin to not plugging something in and then calling support as to why it did not work. I could have been laughed at, but not the only way I was NOT laughed at, he helped me with some other things he saw were not set up best, just cause he was there. Great support.

    As far as I can see, the basic plug in is good, but I got the premium and would get it again. Many very useful options.

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