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  • Does anyone know what plugin is used at or is that a customised thing from the theme?

    I really like the system that there are index thumbnails in the posts that dissapear when going to the post itself. Then all thumbnails are showing.

    I found some sites using the same system. I know that, because they have the same navigation and also the “This album contains xxx items” description etc. etc.

    Where can I find this plugin or can anyone help me with it? I have been doing some coding with image.php but I can’t get it to work like that.

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  • I’m pretty sure that Matt is using a custom gallery. But NextGEN Gallery is a really popular plugin with lots of options, that might be a good place to start.

    Thanks for the reply.. It could be a custom gallery, but why don’t share it like the whole wordpress idea :/

    Besides that, I found another website using exact the same techniques and style:

    There was also another blog with that same script.

    I tried to contact all of those guys who used it, but I didn’t get any comment back 🙁

    Oh yeah, I tried nextgen gallery btw. But it doesn’t have some things I really need, like single picture commenting, and the simple creation of single album posts.

    Besides that the unknown script mentioned in my posts above make use of the wordpress galleries function, so it’s nicely integrated in your blog. Posts are albums at the same time.

    I think that the plugin Matt is using is pretty hacked up to work the way he wants it. I’m sure if it was a tidy package that was ready for public consumption, he’d be sharing it.

    But I did read somewhere that he wanted WordPress right off the shelf to be able to handle photos like his site does. I think that some of the changes they did to handling media in 2.5/2.6 were intended to bring it more in this direction, and I would expect to see the media features evolve more along those lines in future releases.

    I don’t know for sure what plugin or plugins Matt and Shane are using, but I would check out Yet another photoblog. It looks quite similar, having commenting, and including camera meta data.

    I also really hope that something like that is becoming available for public use. That’s the whole idea of WordPress, isn’t it 😀

    But I took a look at the YAPB plugin, that’s more for people shooting a single image every day and post that.. I have about 5000 images to upload and sort into albums. Not really a blog thing but more an album/gallery. And then we are pointing to Matt and Shane again.


    I never received an email from you, but I think this was because my contact form wasn’t working. I’ve updated my contact page w/ just my email, so if you’re still looking for it just let me know and I’ll help you out 🙂

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