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  • I’ve been using a product from Envato, MyMail, which is clunky at best to compose messages however includes at no extra cost all the tools that WYSIJA charges a subscription fee for. With a one-time $35 I get:

    # lifetime updates
    # track individual opens, clicks, unsubscriptions & bounces
    # geo-tracking
    # auto responders
    # campaign scheduling
    # send the same newsletter to single address
    # built-in SPAM scoring
    # johnny-on-the-spot support
    # and more.

    Basically everything WYSIJA offers for free plus all their subscription features. Now, as I mentioned, the MyMail message composer is frustrating. If you want to go along with the layout fine, but if you want to ever so slightly modify something, forget it! Maybe it’s just me because the guy easily has several thousand sales. However I have way too many other things going on most days to spend hours coding an email, so this is the only bright spot I found with WYSIJA.

    Stuff is still broken or features missing:

    # Clicking on stats opens a page with 5 columns. Clicking any of these thinking you can sort by that column instead pops an error message, “Your request can’t retrieve any subscribers. Change your filters!” Okay now what?

    # Nit picking but, names under Stats are listed as Last, First – would have preferred a way to display names under stats as First, Last.

    # I got a bounce (bad email address) and found no way to resend the newsletter to that one subscriber. Pretty sad because it was a client using an auto responder to notify of his new email address. This missing feature also handicaps you if you get a new client and want to send them an already sent newsletter. It looks like you have to duplicate and send another newsletter for each new email address – pretty clunky.

    With MyMail I probably just need to bear down and learn the UI, because for less than half the price of one year with WYSIJA I get a whole lot more.

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  • Plugin Author MailPoet


    Good review. Thanks for posting. It gives us a good perspective on what we can improve.

    Hello there,

    Thanks for your detailed feedbacks!

    If you find bugs in our app please shoot us an email through our support form :
    We’ll most likely be able to fix any bug you find.

    Regarding that comment “…if you get a new client and want to send them an already sent newsletter…”
    well you can send automatically a newsletter to your new subscribers, simply setup an autoresponder that will be sent a certain time after the subscription to a list of your choice.
    This is an Automatic newsletter (step 1 of the newsletter creation).

    Finally regarding the price, it’s an important parameter as a consumer I understand. As a business owner, we need to make sure everyone in the team gets food in their plate. And we believe that $35 one time fee is not a price that will allow sustainability in the long run.


    @ben – I wasn’t implying your folks should starve for the rest of us. The pricing plan @ $99/yr is not competitive when I can hop over to Envato and pick up a better working product for not half that, but less than half, and one-time! Consider changing it to $69 with all the features + 1 year of support and then $39/yr thereafter for support. Most of us would use it on one site anyways, no one starves and your ‘support’ fee keeps customers around a bit more.

    Regarding autoresponders, this does not work for someone like me – I have no mechanism for newsletter sign-ups – all my newsletters are promotional and are sent at various times throughout the year. So if I send a promo today and pick up several new client email addresses over the next few weeks, I have to duplicate that promo each time just to send it again! Clunky. You already have something in place that can probably be tweaked – the “Send Preview” function when creating a newsletter. Stop locking down an already sent newsletter and change that button to something like, “Send Again” so people like me can put in a single email address.

    Fix/add that feature and I’ll be more inclined to use the free version, otherwise I’m better off using your composer (which I mentioned is great), copy/paste that work into MyMail and use his built-in features for stat tracking.

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