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  • I would be giving a five star rating if I wrote this simply based on how beautiful the PDF invoices are, but I’ve reduced my rating for the following reasons…

    Firstly, I bought the Premium version this plugin a while ago and had a rocky start getting it working, and slow support made the transition from my previous WooCommerce invoice plugin difficult and time-consuming.

    Once set-up, the invoices are fantastic. I’m using the Micro template, which is marked as being phased out. I bought this plugin for the Micro template, so if this is removed, I’ll have to look for another solution. (I.e. please don’t remove it!)

    I’ve had a customize the code in the template file, because some elements are not included, despite them having an option to customize in the admin console. I worked with support on these, and some were fixed, but not all, so I can’t use the Micro template out of the box. I removed one star because of this.

    I’ve also now started to see the following message every time I login to the WordPress Admin console:

    “You’re using WooCommerce PDF Invoices for some time now and we would appreciate your ★★★★★ rating. It will support future development big-time.”

    I’ve removed another star from my rating because I paid for this plugin. I can understand you bugging people for reviews if they are using the free version, but having paid, I do not want to see a message that I cannot dismiss every time I log-in to WordPress. At a minimum, I wouldn’t mind being asked for a review say once a month, with a button to dismiss if I don’t want to leave a review.

    If this message continues to be displayed even after posting this review, my next review will be a 1-star rating. I hope you either have that covered, or consider removing the current annoying request and only displaying it once per month or something like that.

    As I said, if it wasn’t for these things, you’d get a five star rating. I really do like the look of your Micro PDF template. Well done and thank you for providing this.

    [UPDATE: OK, so I just logged in to my WordPress Admin Console a day after leaving this review, and you are STILL bugging me for a review! Please remove that annoying notification or I’ll start looking for an alternative plugin. Downgrading my review to 1 star. Remove the notification and I’ll upgrade to four stars. Remove it within a week and I’ll give you five stars.]

    [UPDATE #2: It turns out that there was an update to the premium version of this plugin and that stopped the annoying message from being displayed. I’m going to change my rating to four stars, removing one because the updates need to be available for updating through the WordPress Admin Console and I had no way to know that an update was even available. Otherwise, the PDF Invoices look great.]

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  • Plugin Author Bas Elbers


    Hi Martin,

    I am very sorry for your inconvenience. I can advice you to use the support email since you are using our premium plugin. This rating system is for the free plugin only.

    About the rate notification. Can you send me your WooCommerce System Status? Are you using latest plugin versions since this problem should have been covered a long time ago.

    As stated in other ratings this has nothing to do with our team willingly spamming with rate notifications. I think you are using an older version an some other plugin is causing a JS error and that’s the reason why the notification still pops-up. I am quite sure this is not caused by our plugin.

    As you know we put quite some time to help you code a custom template and resolve many of your problems. We strive to give customers the best support we can. I hope you feel the same way.

    p.s. please check our website. We are using a different support email address.

    Hi Bas,

    I just logged in to your site and checked the latest version, and see that the premium plugin installed on my website was old.

    So, can the premium version of the plugin not be updated via the WordPress Admin Console? Do you expect people to update manually when you release each new version?

    If so, it would be much better if we could update via WordPress, but at the very least, I’d like to receive an email whenever you release an update, so that I know to update manually.

    Also, I did not say you didn’t help me. I said support was slow. By the time you contacted me I’d already made all the necessary changes to the template and ended up just sending you my changes, and I never received a reply to that email. You did fix an issue with the date format or something though, for which I was very grateful.

    I’ll change my rating again after this. As I’d mentioned, I do like the look of your PDF invoices. Your support could be faster and more thorough, and you need to ensure that updates to the Premium plugin can be carried out via the WordPress Admin Console, but now that annoying message is gone, 1 star is too harsh.

    Thanks for pointing out that there was an update on your website.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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