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  • Using Unsplash has been great and the integration with WordPress seemed like a dream come true. But it can seriously and negatively impact the performance of your website. Using plugins to compress images and generating webp types is a must-have feature for a quick and well performing website. Instead, this plugin loads the full source images into your page generating tremendous amounts of data traffic you don’t want. Especially magazine style pages with lots of images tremendously suffer in performance and speed.

    Too bad! Un-installed it and speed is back.

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  • Hey @hoevene, the Unsplash plugin uses the Unsplash CDN to automatically resize and serve the optimal image via srcset (it takes into account compression, file format (webp vs jpeg), client hints, etc. using automatic content negotiation). It’s the same technology we use on itself.

    We store a single version of the image on your server in case you want to disable or remove the plugin in the future, but while the plugin is activated it should be serving multiple versions via srcset.

    I’m wondering if perhaps there was an issue with another plugin that you might have installed that interacted with the Unsplash plugin to disable the CDN?

    @lukechesser i am a PRO and X theme user, it would be nice if you could integrate with them to make your plugin use the (at the moment optional) srcset attribute on their builder’s image element.

    For some reason it’s not working with it.

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