• Seems simple enough to start off with, but here are a few things they don’t tell you:
    1) Can only have 7 input boxes before you need to buy the pro version
    2) the forms you create are not automatically responsive for mobile devices
    3) export/import doesn’t come included when you upgrade – you have to buy that separately most other form plug-ins this comes free)
    4) support is via email out of Easter Europe, so you can imagine the weeks of back and forth if you run into any issues. they do get it resolved, just a big time difference to deal with if you are in the US
    5) The drag and drop functionality is clumsy
    6) There is no online documentation to tell you what all the different theme parameters are so you are hunting and pecking to find the right setting to tweak
    7) lining things up in columns is a painful trial and error process – getting you forms to look aesthetically pleasing should be automatic and not require and bunch of custom CSS

    On the plus side, setting the form up initially is quick. Getting it to look nice takes way more effort than it should. For a paid plugin, the usability should be a lit easier.

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    Hi, @blanch69!

    Thank you for posting your feedback!
    We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience you have faced. I have forwarded your notes to our development team.

    Form Maker is in consistent development, we improve its functionality with each update.

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