• Sympose has been great in theory but needs some help. major issues need to be addressed regarding:
    Accessibility of tables, alt text, sessions, etc.

    Customization is way too difficult. Example: adding different color headers to different days of a schedule, customizing schedules for accessibility.

    The schedule keeps defaulting and creating issues for multiple day events. One day may be right but the other 2 are way off and there isn’t an intuitive way to fix this either through ordering or parenting. This is a problem.

    Requesting codes and help from Sympose directly: I have contacted Sympose *9* times via email and phone for help with writing code snippets or getting shortcodes. I received *0* replies from them on any issue. I also paid for some of their extensions that didn’t work but received NO HELP or even a CONTACT BACK.

    All in all I would tear this plugin out of my site and rebuild the whole experience if I could but my deadline is too tight. I would feel better if Sympose had been responsive in getting back to me but they left me on “read” like a spurned ex-GF. Not cool.

    I’d say save your money but its free so instead save your aggravation.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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