• I researched invoice plugins and this seemed to be perfect in theory. I had read the reviews, the support forums where i found a somewhat negative shadow cast on this plugin. I decided that 5000 active installs but only 68 reviews might not be indicative and maybe the negatives were people that were a minority. Well the install and setup was smooth and seemed great, it seemed to be flexible for my needs. Till i tried to send invoices or quotes by mail. Just did not work no matter what i tried. All other mail working perfect.Installed an email log as suggested, found all my other mail generating systems working perfectly, but no Sliced invoices reaching the log. Turned off everything including the SMTP but still no log. Reinstalled the plugin same story still no joy. sorry does not do the one thing thats most important – send mail. Obviously i could submit a ticket but there are already a heap of unanswered tickets with the same problems so I will look further.

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    It’s disappointing to see you took the time to leave us a bad review without even talking with us. The same amount of time writing the review could have been spent opening a support ticket.

    Also I’m not sure why you would say we have a “heap” of unanswered tickets. All tickets in our support system are answered, typically within 1 business day. Unless maybe you are referring to the free support forum here on wordpress.org? If so, forum threads are not the same as a support ticket. We participate in the forums when we can, but we are a small team so unfortunately we do prioritize support tickets above anything else.

    If you had opened a support ticket for your issue I would have said the following:

    Email is the #1 most common issue people have. There is no magic with how Sliced Invoices sends email — we use the wordpress wp_mail function just like anybody else. Unfortunately there are so many ways that emails can fail that are beyond our control. That’s we have an FAQ for this here: https://slicedinvoices.com/question/email-delivery-issues-created-invoice-sent-didnt-client-receive/

    It sounds like you may have read this already since you tried the Email Log plugin. 99% of the time the email log will show Sliced Invoices emails are working fine, and that the issue is something else. However in your case, there must be some other problem.

    Did you try looking at your PHP error log? This is the best source for information as it will tell you exactly what the problem is. If I had to guess, it could be something as simple as your site’s memory limit being too low. The log would reveal this if it is the case.

    David Grant
    Developer of Sliced Invoices

    I follow the posts on this forum because Sliced Invoices is integral to my business operations and my clients love it and I just have to say reviews like this irritate me. First off, I have had one issue that I put a ticket in for and got excellent support for it from Andrew. He told me turn on debug mode and it turned out A DIFFERENT PLUGIN is buggy and was interfering with WordPress being able to send emails out properly, so maybe that’s your problem.

    Or maybe your problem is something else. But if you don’t put in a support ticket, you can’t expect to get help.

    Also I installed and demoed just about every other invoice plugin for WordPress, and though it may not be perfect, but it’s the best one available. So for sure, “look further,” maybe invoice outside of WP. But you’ll probably be back.

    Thanks for a great plugin, David!

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    Thank you for the kind words @verdeepeas, I appreciate it.

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